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With the success of NUYU1 the first ladies only gym in Riyadh, Saudi Arabi the roll out of the second club was just as an existing design. The design philosophy shows the evolution in responding to the members needs is important.  Public communal external space is rare in Riyadh, so the use of an ‘indoor / outdoor’ concept was used, with the double height ceiling being painted blue, and extending across the gym.

Drawing from a depth of experience in creating leisure and health facilities, the design was driven by a desire not to conform to a typical spa feel, or the ‘no frills’ aesthetic of many budget gyms. Instead the club has an ambience more akin to a boutique hotel,

with many playful design touches that result in an unintimidating space with a strong sense of openness and fun.  The sense of fun has been pushed further in Club 2 with an Alice in Wonderland, surreal gym aesthetic, inspired by the idea of venturing into the ‘upstairs attic’ and roof terrace. The end result is a fitness centre designed to look and feel like no other.  A beautiful enticing and welcoming environment, designed by women for women!

The NuYu concept became reality through the design and creativity of Orms working extremely closely with the client, whilst Vincent Stokes ensured that the process was managed successfully and the design could be executed to meet exacting build standards. The team were mindful that the design must also provide cost effective facilities which were easily maintained, required a low staffing model & maximised income per sqft.